Bird Boxes Cleaning and Recording 21st September 2021

Peat Garden and Ebor Rise Bird Boxes Cleaning and Recording  21st September 2021

Peat GardenEbor Rise
Bird Box Number/TreeContent of Bird Boxes Bird Box NumberContent of Bird Boxes
1 Norway Maple by Mag. Well Empty, wet.  2 Leopard slugs1Tit nest + one remaining egg. Woodpecker attack around hole. Earwigs.
2 Norway Maple by Mag. WellNuthatch started.2Nuthatch nest probably successful.  A construction of clay inside entrance and onto box floor.  Probably by the nuthatch. Construction kept and photo taken.
3 Coast CypressNuthatch nest.3Nuthatch nest.  A construction of clay. See notes for box 2.
4 Scots PineEmpty4Tit nest.  Earwigs and slug.
5 Bay WillowTit nest.  Box reattached to tree. Photo taken. No artificial material observed in nest.5Tit nest. One egg left.
6 Dawn RedwoodTit nest.6Tit nest.  Many earwigs.  String.
7 CherryTree no longer exists.7Not able to reach – brambles need clearing.
8 Pine by toiletEmpty.8Empty
 Observations during year10Tit nest.
  11Tit nest.
  12Tit nest.
  13 (on cherry tree)Tit nest.
  14Not found
 .16 (near 7)Possible Tit nest not completed.  Moth hibernating.  Pliers needed.