HDBAG A G M 15th October 2022

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Biodiversity short for biological diversity is the variety of life on earth


Harrogate District Biodiversity Action Group (HDBAG) is a group of individuals, organisations and businesses who wish to help local wildlife in the district.

By sharing ideas and information we aim to support the community to make small changes which will make a BIG difference.

By organising practical activities we encourage people of all ages and skills to join us to make these changes.

Welcome to our website. Follow the links to learn more about how you can get involved


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New members are always welcome to help us to improve diversity in our area. We rely on membership fees and donations together with occasional grants to fund our work. Choose Contact us above or click HERE


As a ‘task group’ for Harrogate Borough Council, we are able to influence and deliver projects that enhance and protect local wildlife.

Wildlife Friendly Garden Award

Wildlife Friendly Workplace Award

Biodiversity is simply the web of life on Earth
It comprises a hugely diverse range of species, genes and ecosystems

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